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Data Strategy


Defining your data strategy is vital to increasing profitability, and this where we look beyond digital to leverage opportunities and diminish the threats to your brand.

Many of todays brands are obsessed with becoming digital first, and whilst this is essential as consumers seek the channel-less experience, its vital that we don't loose focus on all the channels that make up this experience and our customers.

The Data Distillery can help you assess, validate and refine your approach, identifying areas where key touchpoints can be improved, using learnings from the customer experience mapping.

Using data insight and machine learning we can quickly identify those areas where channel strategies are neglected, enriching customer data, developing new triggers to support your channel-less campaigns.

  • Audit your existing data, from either single or multiple sources 

  • Deliver a health report that identifies problems and opportunities with your existing data

  • Consider an enrichment strategy that increases the knowledge and insight you hold on your data

  • Create dashboards that allow for quick analysis of your customers across the business

  • Apply machine learning to your data to identify trends and propensity models that can be later applied to campaign and customer triggers

Your business will come away from the workshop and outputs with a clear understanding of your data and the insight it holds. It will help you develop a roadmap with a clear understanding of the positive impact  this will make on your business in the future. Customer data is one of your businesses greatest assets and its important that treat it appropriately.

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