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Customer Experience  Workshop

Building brilliant customer experiences go a lot further than a great product. The Customer Distillery profiles your customers, looks for triggers and maps their journey. Creating a unique customer experience plan.


Today's consumers not only value but actively engage with brands that deliver a complete customer experience, behaving in a way that reflects their changing habits and lifestyle. This behaviour dictates that consumers expect your brand to evolve at equal pace.

The Customer Distillery process will guide you through the path your customers take from first to last touch, identifying areas where you can add value that will drive differentiation and loyalty for your brand.

  • Using insight and customer data to define and prioritise key customers to focus on

  • Develop personas and profiles for each segment

  • Identify the Distillery Map that begins to identify key touch points and gaps in each personas experience of your brand

  • Discuss ways to engage organisational culture into the customer experience

  • Define success metrics and how to measure.

Your customer experience workshop will deliver a Customer Distillery Map that will assist your team in defining and prioritising the key touchpoint gaps that have been identified with your brands customers and their buying experience.

Today consumers expect a great deal from their brand experience and value this as much sometimes as the product itself. They are not seeking omni-channel experiences they are seeking brands that are channel-less, making it easy for them to engage.

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