Breaking the mould of normality

Brand Workshop

In the Brand Distillery workshop we guide you through our process, creating the framework for your brand's new vision and tone.

Many of todays brands fall into sea the obscurity as they fight for digital first supremacy, but brands can still create unique positions, deliver a brand promise at every touchpoint and by doing that capture market share and a loyal customer.

Brand Distillery will help you develop a brand that's relevant for todays consumer. The workshop will start to shape where your brand is today and where it can evolve to deliver the right customer experience.

  • Discuss what constitutes a strong brand today

  • Define the journey of an evolutionary or revolutionary brand 

  • Create the brand road map for your brand and business

From our workshop you will have the foundations for your new brand, its look n feel and the approach for tone of voice and messaging, vital to communicating effectively with your customers,

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